Saturday 22nd September – Boquete

We arrived in Boquete at about 7:30am after our night on the bus from Panama. The ride had gone pretty smoothly and I had managed to get quite a bit of sleep which was a win! At about 4:30am we had passed through a police checkpoint where we were all woken up and told to get out of the bus with all of our luggage! We were made to stand in two lines while they removed all of our big bags from the bus and had a sniffer dog check all of the bags.  We even had to remove our jumpers. Luckily for us, our bags didn´t have anything of interest for the sniffer dog, but the woman whose bag was next to Regan´s, her bag caught the interest of the dog and she was taken out the back for further investigation. That would have been so stressful! Luckily we saw her later before she boarded the bus so everything must have turned out ok. 

We headed out for breakfast first thing in Boquete at a place called Olga´s which served the most delicious blueberry pancakes and smoothies ever! After the big brekky we had some hammock time relaxing for the rest of the morning.  In the afternoon, we took a walk about 6kms up the hill overlooking Boquete for lunch at a cafe called El Mirador. I had crème cheese empanadas which were really really sweet but very delicious. It was lucky that we had another 6km walk back down the hill to burn them all off afterwards!

Sunday 23rd September – Boquete

This morning after our delicious breakfast at Olga´s we headed out to the Three Lost Waterfalls, about 40 minutes in the local bus outside of Boquete. We were dropped off in the middle of nowhere and had a steep walk uphill and over a suspension bridge to the office where we could register and pay for the walk. The trail takes you to visit 3 different waterfalls, each very different and beautiful. We began at waterfall number 3 which was the largest distance from the office. We were hoping to see some quetzals there but unfortunately no luck. We were able to have a paddle in the freezing cold water at the base of the waterfall though – it was a nice place to sit and take in the view of the very powerful waterfall.  We were able to sit right at the top of the second waterfall which was pretty great as we had some sun for a while. Next we headed down for a look at the bottom of the second waterfall which was taller but skinnier than the first fall. The final stop was the huge first waterfall – this one you couldn´t paddle in the pool at the bottom, only view it from a mirador point. We caught the bus back into town and spent the afternoon relaxing back in the hostel safe from the afternoon rain. In the evening we ventured out for dinner – strangely we ended up in a Peruvian restaurant, eating a delicious seafood platter with a variety of delicious ceviches.