Back at the Mountain School for Week 12!

Back again at school! This place really does feel like my home away from home! I´m studying with Anny this week which is lovely and I am also eating with Roselia – my favourite Señora! The week has been really fun with a nice group of students and a bunch of out of school activities. On Wednesday afternoon we went with Abelino in his pick up to Coatapeque to celebrate the saint day of the town. There was a party in the central square and we were able to see some traditional dancers is some crazy costumes as well as a marimba performance. It was really nice to see Coatapeque as well – I had only ever driven through it before. On Thursday after class all the students and staff went out for a nice lunch together – it was great spending time with my teachers outside of the classroom too! After lunch we played football against a team of local young women and managed to lose but still had a lot of fun playing!   Saturday night we all went to the Xela

opening football match of the season which they managed to draw 1-1. Not a great result for them but still a fun match to watch!

On Monday morning I got up very early with some friends Laura and Lena to climb Santa Maria for the second time to see if we could this time see the eruption of Santa Aguito – we managed to get there just in time to see the crater and an eruption which made my day! 

Tuesday I took a very long bus ride out to the ruins of Takalik Abaj finally. I´d been wanting to visit these ruins since my teacher Tito had told me all about their significance early on in my studies. The ruins were smaller than Tikal and the others but this was because they are much older – dating back to 1500BC. The detail that these pre-mayans put into creating their temples, the way they face towards the setting and rising sun at the solstices and the significance of the carvings on the stone is incredible. The 8 hour chicken bus rides to and from were definitely worth the effort! We celebrated my last night in Xela with Sabor de India which was a great way to go out! 

Wednesday I took the Chicken bus to Antigua and Thursday it was time to fly to Peru to finally meet Anna and the family and move on to the next phase of my epic GAP year