Thursday 28th June – Siete Altars Cascadas

Had a sleep in this morning and then set out for a day trip to some waterfalls – Seven to be precise!  This was a nice hour long walk along the beach – with lots of plastic to remind me how badly we treat our environment, but beautiful birds and scenery nonetheless. About halfway along the beach I reached a river where I needed to cross over a suspension bridge to continue the walk to the waterfalls. It was an isolated, beautiful spot. The only way to get to the waterfalls is to take a boat or walk along the beach. There are no roads! Finally I reached the waterfalls, paid my entrance fee and headed up the path to the first falls. It was a mini version of Semuc Champey – and because we had had a lot of rain, the pools were very full. In fact, the path to head up to the swimming pool was now part of the river which made navigating a little bit more challenging! I finally reached the lovely swimming pool and waterfall which were absolutely beautiful! The swim was refreshing and I was able to go all the way behind the waterfall into a space behind it where I could look back out over the pool of water in front of me. It was amazing! It was also fun to watch the local kids jumping from the top of the waterfall into the deep water below. I spent some time reading my book by the side of the waterfall in the sun before it was time to head back down the beach to my accommodation.