Saturday 8th September – Laguna Paron Day Trip

Today was another big day trip out to the Cordillera Blanca this time, heading out to the biggest Lagoon in the Cordillera Blanca – Laguna Paron. We passed through some beautiful countryside on the way up to the Laguna, including the town of Yungay which was completely obliterated in an avalanche in 1970 – with only 350 of it´s 25000 inhabitants surviving the avalanche. It is known at the worst avalanche in South American history and the area is now a national cemetery and the town has been rebuilt a few hundred metres away. 

Laguna Paron itself is an intense blue colour that doesn´t really feel real! I wandered first around on the shores of the lake, took some photos and then headed up to the mirador to see the lake and the surrounding snow-capped mountains from above. It was an absolutely beautiful sight – picture perfect and well worth the long trip out of Huaraz for the day, particularly because I had the chance to ride shotgun with the best views from the van all day!