Thursday 6th September. Laguna Churup

Self-organised hike today to Laguna Churup. Set off at 7.30 with directions and assurances from the hostel that I could definitely do this hike on my own without any problems. I headed into downtown Huaraz and managed to find the collectivo that would take me to the town of Llupa and then hopefully on to the trailhead in the town of Pitec. Unfortunately, due to roadworks, the collectivo stopped before Llupa and I had no idea where I was nor how I was going to make my way to the laguna! Luckily, some of the local women who were on the bus with me were super friendly and put me on the right track up the mountain and with only an extra 2.5 hours I managed to make it up to Laguna Churup! I think the detour was well worth it though, it was a beautiful morning for a walk, with blue skies making the snow-capped surrounding mountains look just amazing! I also had the opportunity to chat with some of the local people who were very helpful in pointing out the track. The last couple of kilometres were really hard going with the uphill a lot steeper and the very last push required a bit of rock climbing – at over 4000m this could have been a little bit dangerous! 

But once at the top, the lake was just magnificent – the colours of the water were amazing shades of blue – almost like the sea. The beautiful Nevado Churup, covered in snow and ice was framed behind the beautiful lake. 

I had lunch by the shores of the lake and then hiked up to the viewpoint before heading back down the mountain, this time to the carpark based in the small town of Pitek. Luckily for me there was a tourist bus just leaving back to Huaraz so I jumped in and saved my legs. It was on of the most amazing day hikes I have ever done. Loved it!